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Hello, I am making this thread in order to appeal my current ban. I originally had no intention of making one; however, I felt I should man up and do so. 

The reason I'd like to appeal my ban is because I feel that there was a bit of misunderstanding between You(Jokerz) and I.

The whole situation began when I had my TS name as "xAsher (Jestem Gejem)", which if you(other staff besides Jokerz) did not look it up or even cared to for that matter, you obviously would be unaware that it says "xAsher (I'm Gay)". Considering I usually am closely watched by staff and other senior members in the community I felt as if someone would have said something to me soon about the name being a problem, for instance Duces(who usually keeps a close eye on me and doesn't tolerate any of my shit or shenanigans) said nothing to me about this. Now that is not to say that due to this I assumed I was doing nothing wrong, alternatively I just assumed it wasn't really a problem or a big deal as many others who were present in the Teamspeak throughout the time I had that in my name(approximately around 24 hours maybe) said nothing to me.

Now the whole situation intensifies when Jokerz(the only one who actually translated my name if I may add) messages me the following. 

[Chat logs between Jokerz and I on the day of the ban]

<13:39:23> "JokersWildJ": change your name i cant belive i still have to say shit to you and im dissapointed no one else said anything. If i see you going out of your way to translate shit into polish i will by default consider it harassment and ban you.

<13:42:11> "JokersWildJ": you can have your shit back when you comply

At this point in time Jokerz had revoked my DG tags as well as his personal tag to enter his channel. I didn't hear the initial chat pings because I was playing overwatch, but I did hear the "Server Group Revoked" notification which began our exchange.

<13:42:27> "xAsher": Sorry I literately had no idea you messaged me

<13:42:34> "xAsher": and dude kaori thought it was funny

<13:43:03> "xAsher": me and nick were saying tons of shit in polish the other day and she thought it was hilarious

<13:43:12> "JokersWildJ": i dont give a shit this is my teamspeak and those are the rules

<13:43:41> "JokersWildJ": im not protecting kaori im upholding the rules

<13:43:55> "xAsher": yeah

In the first chat line from Jokerz you may have noticed boldened text, the reason for this is because this is what sort of set me off as well as hurt my feeling(All trolling aside it kind of hurt), because I felt singled out and targeted because the message makes it seem like this is a personal attack on me and that I had purposely changed my name in order to piss someone off or strike a nerve somewhere along the line, which was in no way my intention. Ask Kaori, Duces, or Kenny, the things that went on in the channel were all in good fun and my intentions were not as Jokerz had believed them to be. After the last chat message shown above I sent Jokerz one final message which is the one I'm 99.9% sure lead to my ban. Sadly I do not have that last message, but I will attempt to remember/replicate it to the best of my ability so that everyone can get an understanding.

You know if you don't like me I don't have to be here? I know you say "you let me be in the community as a favor for me", but if you don't want me here you can ban me because it really seems like I am not wanted. I'm not sure why you think I'm purposely translating things into polish to piss people off but its not like that.  (Can't remember anything else, but the gist is that if he doesnt like me or want me in the community he can ban me if he please because I'm tired of him thinking I purposely do these things to try to piss people off and that it just seems like he genuinely doesnt want me in the community)

Now to Jokerz I'm sure my response sounded extremely rude and abrasive, but I really didn't mean for it to come off that way because I know for a fact in the original message I did not say a SINGLE curse word to him. The only reason I know he took it that way was because when he sent an email out to the other staff it said something to the effect of "If he wants to give lip to founding members he can go fuck himself" or atleast thats what Chesz said it included when he read it to me. 

The one thing I want to get across is that I in no way think "I was right" and "He was wrong". I think the situation escalated far further than it should have or even had to. In my mind it was a pretty simple thing, it's not like I was being racist, homophobic, or anything of the sorts. It just plainly said "I'm Gay" which was in reference to this meme except translated into polish. I know my response sounded rude but I really didn't mean to come across that way, the reason it probably sounded as such was because I was in honesty kind of hurt and offended so I just put everything I was thinking out there.

Again, I'm not saying I was in the right. But I would like a chance to actually speak with Jokerz about this because I feel like the whole thing got blown out of proportion, and that since were both adults I think we can talk casually about this situation, and even if the end result is my ban not being lifted I am fine with that. I just want to be able to say I made the attempt. 

This thread may get deleted before anyone gets the chance to read it, or it may not even get read at all, or this request may be immediately denied. Regardless I can atleast say I tried.

Thanks for reading, 




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