Welcome to DestructionGaming.com!

Welcome to Destruction Gaming. We are a relaxed community that enjoys playing a wide range of games together. We have a huge base in World of Warcraft, but our hands are in a bit of everything and we’re always looking to expand. We aim to change the way people see gaming communities by offering a sense of community outside of the games. We are friends, we are family, we are Destruction Gaming. Check out the most recent announcements here!

Just a few simple rules to help us all have some fun…

1. No Racism of any kind – we all know what this is and isn’t, don’t test us. Period.

2. Don’t troll excessively

3. No advertising of any kind for any other community, end of story.

4. Have fun – we created this place as a site where we can have lots of fun and help each other out so feel free to use it that way and invite your friends!